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Crafting roadmaps for consolidation

Merger & Acquisition advisory for SME's looking to unlock their full potential

What is Consolidid?

Consolidid offers a comprehensive suite of Merger & Acquisition advisory service tailored to focus on startups and SME’s.


We facilitate strategic and optimized mergers for SME’s with other businesses or corporate organizations, along with assistance in navigating the landscape of M&A’s.

Strategic Advisory Services.

Consolidid provides meticulous guidance and strategic advisory services for SME’s to navigate the complexities of mergers & acquisitions, whether they’re with other SME’s or with larger organizations. This includes assessing the feasibility of mergers, identifying potential partners and designing optimized roadmaps for successful consolidation. 

Market analysis & target identification. 

Consolidid conducts in-depth analysis for SME’s to identify suitable and sustainable M&A targets. This assessment includes complete overhaul of market landscape, potential synergies and strategic opportunities for consolidation. 

Valuation Services

Consolidid offers valuation services to determine the fair value of startups and SMEs involved in the M&A process. This ensures transparency and fairness in negotiations and deal structuring. 

Post-Merger Integration

Consolidid’s guidance doesn't just stop at the deal, it extends to post-merger integration. We offer services that help startups and SMEs integrate fully with their new partners in all aspects, optimizing operational efficiency and maximizing synergies.

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"Where vision meets opportunity, innovation thrives"

What we offer

Navigating the path to success with precision and purpose

Financial modeling & analysis 

Synergy & integration with M&A’s 

Comprehensive advisory & valuation services 

Identification and assessment of targets 

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